Pat Campbell talks about his full body scan experience with Advanced Body Scan of Tulsa.

The peace of mind that came with my full body scan is invaluable.  Advanced Body Scan of Tulsa gives you that peace of mind.

Because we appreciate our listeners, they’ve created the Pat Campbell peace of mind special.  For just 79 bucks you and your spouse can both get a heart and lung scan.  That’s right for only $79 you can receive a CT of your heart and lungs – all organs, arteries, and lymph nodes in your chest. That heart and lung scan is typically $1,360 per person.  The scan report will include a calcium score of the arteries surrounding your heart plus a detailed review of your organs, soft tissue, and bones. 

You can’t afford to put this off.  Your health is too important to wait.  Make an appointment today by calling 918-879-6161 or visit

Advanced Body Scan of Be sure to tell them Pat Campbell sent you.