Bridge Church

The Bridge began in 2009, in Bixby, as a response to God’s call to start a church for the scattered (Neh. 1:9b) – for those who have been wounded or are disillusioned by church life. What started out with a handful of people gathering to pray, quickly turned into a larger congregation needing a larger place. We remodeled 7,000 sq. ft. of our current space, but after a year, more space was needed, and we were able to expand another 14,000 sq. ft. We’re about connecting, and everything we do revolves around that, which is why we believe so strongly in relationship with and ministry to our local community. Impacting the Bixby/South Tulsa area in a way greater than we ever imagined, the annual patriotic Bixby Freedom Celebration became our gift to the city, which had never had a large fireworks display before.

We’ve seen God work through our relationship with our community in a number of ways to make significant life-change in people. (Neh 8:10b) What a wonderful honor it is to be part of the journey!