Watchdog on Wall Street

“Watchdog on Wall Street” host Chris Markowski has been helping investors grow and protect their assets since the 1990s. He gained extraordinary knowledge of Wall Street as an investment banker, security analyst and investment firm manager. Passionate about helping his clients achieve the financial security they deserve, Markowski grew a small investment house by 1,500 percent in two years. As a result of this tremendous growth, Inc. magazine ranked the company No. 2 on its list of fastest-growing private companies.

Despite his financial success, Markowski knew he would always be constrained on Wall Street. His philosophy was putting the client first, and the Wall Street insiders insisted on putting themselves first. He felt that his job as an investment adviser was to invest his client’s money for their benefit.

In addition, he saw that individual investors were being deceived. Wall Street was focused on generating profits for itself at the expense of individual investors. No one was looking out for the little guy. Countless investors were taken advantage of by a Wall Street culture of greed.