Meet The President: OSU Introduces New History-Making Leader, Dr. Kayse Shrum

Meet The President: OSU Introduces New History-Making Leader, Dr. Kayse Shrum

A native Tulsan is making history as the first female president of Oklahoma State University.

Dr. Kayse Shrum was the president at OSU Health Sciences in Tulsa and said the new role will help her make more of an impact in Green Country.

“When you kind of let that sink in a little bit, there’s a lot of responsibility there to be that role model,” Shrum said. 

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Dr. Shrum was interviewed Tuesday by outgoing president Burns Hargis, where they talked about her life, family, and goals as OSU president. 

"My goal is to really have a relevance and an engagement with industry and community and the state in a way that betters the community and our student experience," Shrum said. 

Dr. Shrum was also on Governor Kevin Stitt’s cabinet and helped him handle the COVID-19 pandemic. She said all those experiences give her a different skill set and perspective. 

"And, this role is really to embrace the entire system not just Stillwater. So, the great thing is I get to be here, and I get to still be engaged in Tulsa and more aspects now," Shrum said. 

She takes on the position after serving Tulsa's Center for Health Sciences. She also made history there as both the youngest and first female president and dean of an Oklahoma medical school. She hopes this inspires young girls to dream big. 

"We only dream about things we see and if we don’t see women serving in these roles, then we don’t expand our horizons. I hope out of this moment in my leadership and all the other roles that I’ve served in that it inspires young women of all ages," Shrum said. 

Dr. Shrum will be formally accepted as president the next scheduled OSU Board of Regents meeting on April 23.