Tulsa's Mask Mandate No Longer In Effect

Tulsa's Mask Mandate No Longer In Effect

After many months, Tulsa’s mask mandate has expired which means you can go to many places in town without a face covering.

Some are glad the mandate has ended. Others are still choosing to still wear a mask out of safety precautions.

Kendall Standridge said there’s a different mood around town.

“I’m OK with it being officially ending,” Standridge said. ”People are enjoying the change of weather, but it may have something to do with people being happy that’s it’s over.”

Restaurants and bar employees were required to wear a mask. However, Tulsa mayor G.T. Bynum said it’s now up to businesses to decide that as they can either choose to enforce it or not.

“Don’t totally throw away the mask,” Senior Life Services chief operating officer Mike Fogle said.

Fogle said there’s still a risk for people who are vulnerable, as vaccination rates remains low among some demographics. 

“For people younger than 65, it’s not as good as what we would like,” Fogle said.

Despite the mandate ending, Fogle said Senior Life Services will continue to follow Centers for Disease Control guidelines at their three adult day centers, which provides food and socialization for seniors.

Fogle understands people want to get back to normal, but it’s still wise to take precautions.

“I was never in any situations where it had to be enforced strictly, but definitely in the school or at certain businesses,” Standridge said.

Regardless of your view on masks, Standridge encourages people to remain respectful.

“My advice is always to be willing to listen. I think everyone has a reason for how they believe or what they believe,” Standridge said.

Tulsa police can offer help to anyone who does not comply with the policy of a business.