Tulsa Woman Gives Birth While Sedated, On Ventilator With COVID-19

Tulsa Woman Gives Birth While Sedated, On Ventilator With COVID-19

A Tulsa woman has given birth while sedated, on a ventilator and sick with COVID-19. Friends of the family said they are relying on prayers to get them through this tough time. 

Baby Bailey Hix was born on Thursday, all while her mom was sedated and on a ventilator with COVID-19. 

"She was getting through it, it was not fun, but they were getting through it and then toward the end when she really should have been getting better, she got worse," said family friend Jordan Price. 

Price said Brandon and Laura Hix got sick in early April with COVID-19, and while Brandon got better, seven-months pregnant Laura had to be admitted to the hospital. 

When her oxygen levels kept getting worse, she was intubated and sedated. 

"She's been asleep for roughly ten days and does not know what has been transpiring since she fell asleep,” Price said.

Laura gave birth to baby Bailey through c-section. Bailey is in the hospital with under-developed lungs, but Price said she's getting stronger each day. 

"For it to go this way, you know in 2020, 2021, to not have the baby shower, to not have the normal things that happen with any pregnancy, and for this to happen this way, it's just a lot,” Price said.

Price said he has been friends with the Hix's for more than 20 years, and the support and prayers they've gotten during such a tough time means so much to those who love them. 

"They are an amazing couple and they've worked really hard; I don't know anyone else who is more deserving of a break," he said. 

Price said they are expecting Laura and baby Bailey to be in the hospital a couple of months. 

If you would like to help the family, here's a link to the GoFundMe.