More US Companies Offering Incentives To Get Workers Vaccinated

More US Companies Offering Incentives To Get Workers Vaccinated

President Joe Biden is offering tax credits to companies with fewer than 500 employees that give workers time off to get vaccinated, but some companies are offering more incentives, including bonuses.

The grocery chain Lidl is offering employees a $200 bonus when they get the COVID-19 vaccine.

"I do think the money is a really good way to, like, encourage people to get vaccinated because right now money is tight," said store associate Dakota Bryant.

She has worked through the pandemic.

"I do definitely feel safer," she said after getting vaccinated.

Store manager Julia Christophe said getting the shot was even emotional.

"I almost had a moment that I teared up," she said. "Because it was just, I don't know, it was just, like, a rough last year.”

Christophe said most of her employees planned to get vaccinated, but she called the bonus a nice added incentive.

“Most of our employees came in even when it was difficult times, when at the beginning we didn't even know what was really happening,” Christophe said.

In Jackson, Mississippi, restaurant owner Jeff Good launched his own initiative to make access easier for his employees. He brought a mobile unit to one of his restaurant locations for employees and their families.

"I was afraid that many, many people that are within my organization would never get a vaccine because they would never get around to it," Good said.

The on-site unit also served as a dose of encouragement.

"I had two of my key employees that were very much against the idea of getting vaccinated, and I turn around and there they are in line getting the vaccine,” Good said.

Good hopes other business owners are inspired to try a similar approach.

"It's incredible. I mean, this is life changing stuff. We've been under stress for so long, it's been so hard, and this is our way out. Let's do it," he said.

A growing number of companies are offering incentives or paid time off to get the shot, including Aldi, Amtrak, Chobani, Dollar General, Instacart, and Target.