First Responders Urge Tulsans To Be Heat Aware

First Responders Urge Tulsans To Be Heat Aware

Tulsa firefighters said they’ve already had several heat-related 911 calls the last two days for people who have passed out or have heat exhaustion.

They said with a big outdoor event like Tulsa Tough going on this weekend, people need to be aware and take care of themselves.

Firefighters said the extreme heat snuck up on us this year and that's why people need to be extra careful. With temps in the high 90s, TFD said people need to limit the amount of time they spend outside in the sun.

They say whether you are outside exercising, or outside for work or play, people need to be drinking water and finding shade or air conditioning. They say the heat and lack of hydration can cause you to become confused or even pass out.

“I think the fact that we have been cooped up because of the pandemic, people are not used to going out. They are excited to be able to get outdoors and do things. But with these temps there a higher chance people could experience heat related illnesses,” said Andy Little with Tulsa Fire Department.

Little said another thing to be aware of is alcohol and caffeine drinks. He said both won't help to keep you hydrated and could actually make it worse.