Neighbors Concerned About Motorcycles Speeding Down Tulsa Highways

Neighbors Concerned About Motorcycles Speeding Down Tulsa Highways

Some drivers and neighbors across Tulsa are complaining about motorcyclists racing at high speeds on the Broken Arrow Expressway and other highways.

Police said it's been an issue for years.

"The sound is almost deafening. It’s every night. It’s absolutely every night and several times a night," Brian Durland told News on 6. Durland lives just feet from the highway and sees the motorcyclists speed past. Neighbors are worried someone is going to get hurt.

"You can hear him whining up about Sheridan and by the time they pass my house, they are doing well over 120 miles an hour and we’re afraid somebody’s going to die," Durland said. 

 It was even a topic at a City Council meeting this week. 

"People have been really hot about the street racing not only on the Broken Arrow Expressway, but everyone getting on and off," City councilor Kara McKee said in the meeting. 

Tulsa Police say this problem is not new - it's just happening in a new area.

"It takes a horrible act if somebody losing their life before people say, 'hey you know what this is too much.' So, we want to not get to that point," Capt. Richard Meulenberg said. 

Meulenberg said it's just difficult to catch the bikers in the act and even more dangerous to chase them. 

"Our policy does prohibit us from chasing them unless there’s a felony involved. So, if you’re running around in a motorcycle, and the only thing we have is traffic, we’re not going to pursue and truly against our policy and it’s just dangerous to just everyone involved," Meulenberg said.

City Council discussed giving the bikers incentive to race at the Tulsa Raceway. Durland hopes these bikers just slow down.

"I was just I want them to be safe more than anything else because everybody needs to share the road," he added. 

Tulsa Police urge people to keep sending videos and tips of where the bikers are speeding. That way officers can step patrols those areas.

You can send those to Crime Stoppers at  (918) 596-COPS.