OSU's Big 3 Field Days Canceled Due To COVID-19

OSU's Big 3 Field Days Canceled Due To COVID-19

A three-day youth livestock event is canceled, due to COVID-19.

It was supposed to start on Tuesday. After a recent outbreak at a summer camp, organizers say they wanted to be cautious. A state spokesperson said several positive COVID-19 cases were reported by people who attended Future Farmers of America Alumni Camp.

Since many of those students also attend OSU Big 3 Field Days (Youth Livestock | Oklahoma State University (okstate.edu)), the university decided to cancel the event.  

"It's really disappointing," said high school freshman Izzy Lewis.

The Big 3 Field Days are a three-day event where each day, around 1,900 students judge livestock for a chance to win prizes and scholarships. Lewis would have been there this week competing with her friend.

"I was looking forward to competing with him on a team and maybe placing in the top five. And it just breaks my heart that we can't go there," Lewis said.

It's the second year in a row for the event to get canceled. Lewis said she was preparing by going to a few other judging contests.

"Got some practice for Big 3, to find out it was canceled," Lewis said.

An Oklahoma CareerTech spokesperson says about a week ago, a student tested positive for COVID-19 after attending the final session of FFA Alumni Camp. The agency says they got a few reports that other camp goers tested positive.

After finding out the Big 3 was canceled, people with the Woodward County Event Center and Fairgrounds wanted to help.

"So if these kids and their families are willing to take that risk and they feel that the benefits outweigh the risk, then we ought to give them a place to go," said General Manager Bailey Rae Poer.

Poer says sponsors and businesses stepped in to host a judging contest on Wednesday.